Training company renaming

Founded in 2014 through a merger of holSystems and Terillian Technologies, Learn on Demand Systems started out with an impressive client roster, including Microsoft. The company provided lab-style training on public clouds at lower costs, at better scale, and with faster setup. Its growth and potential caught the attention of Shamrock Capital, whose investment and guidance led to further evolution and the need for a rebrand. The new name needed to express the company’s essence and be available as an exact dot-com. We delivered on both fronts. Skillable clearly and instantly communicates the company’s performance-driven, hands-on approach to learning a new skill. The word’s form as a natural-sounding coinage based on a simple English root plus suffix suggests ease and adaptability. Skillable now has more than 100,000 daily active users in 216 countries working for industry leaders such as Amazon and IBM. It has been named Virtual IT Labs Leader by G2 for eight consecutive periods.


Skillable (formerly Learn on Demand Systems)
Skillable (formerly Learn on Demand Systems)
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