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Renaming a healthtech company

Access to the healthcare system in the US is not created equal. Many people, even entire communities, are left out, with disastrous results. Southern California was no stranger to this inequity, and ConsejoSano was founded in 2017 to help remove barriers and connect Spanish speakers to effective healthcare via culturally attuned digital solutions.

After several years of gains within the Spanish-speaking community, the company successfully expanded its approach to help individuals from many backgrounds. However, its name—Spanish for “sound advice”—implied that only Spanish speakers were served. The company engaged Catchword to develop a new name that clearly expressed the organization’s equitable, relationship-based approach and allowed for growth beyond healthcare.

Catchword worked closely with the client team to develop SameSky, a name that poetically communicates that we are all in this together, that we are all equal, and that our lives are inextricably linked, every one of them spent under the same beautiful sky. With its common yet lyrical vocabulary, the metaphor is warmly appealing to providers and partners and also immediately understood by end-client audiences with limited English. The name can easily be paired with sector terms for expansion to other areas (e.g., SameSky Finance, SameSky Education).

SameSky Health launched in early 2022. It now engages 2.8 million members across 15 states, in more than 25 different languages.


Award Winner
MUSE Creative Awards, Silver, Brand Identity
Transform Awards, Silver, Naming Strategy

SameSky Health (formerly ConsejoSano)
SameSky Health (formerly ConsejoSano)
B2B Tech
Health & Biotech
Company Naming

“We believe connecting cultures is what changes the world. Our expertise and technology go far beyond communications to deliver culturally inclusive, specific data and analytics for individuals and communities who have been overlooked or were never reachable before.”

Phil Harker | Chief Growth Officer, SameSky Health

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