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HGS (Hinduja Global Solutions) is a global leader in customer experience, digital transformation, contact centers, and business process outsourcing. With 20,000 employees across 7 countries servicing 200+ clients, they’re widely considered one of the world’s foremost companies in their space.

In 2021, HGS decided to spin off its healthcare division, HGS Health. As such, the division required a new name, unrelated to HGS, and called on Catchword to assist with this historic initiative.

Problem-solvers and strategists

During our extensive discovery phase (we spoke with 20+ executives from around the world) with this unique, employee-centric organization we learned that while historically a BPO, the company is keen to reposition itself as a one-stop-shop for all tech-enabled business solutions within the healthcare space. In addition, the company has an exceptional employee retention rate—a testament to the genuine care for and emphasis it places on employee happiness and quality of work/life. And, more than just a technology provider, the company is strongly partnership-driven, extremely flexible and responsive, and comprised of highly proactive problem-solvers and strategists. All important characteristics that formed the basis for much of the creative name development work we did and inspired the name the company ultimately adopted—Sagility.

Wisdom in action

A combination of sage and agility, the name Sagility is all about wisdom in action. It speaks to the company’s technology expertise and decades of hard-earned wisdom optimizing business operations and processes—as well as its ability to keep clients prepared for whatever comes next.

Sagility has a dynamic rhythm—multisyllable but quick and easy to say. The “s” and “l” consonants further emphasize smooth motion. The name’s Latin roots suggest an established, sophisticated company, while its length provides heft and ballast, befitting the stature of a global leader.

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"From start to finish this was a really well run naming program and many aspects of the engagement impressed me, including the level of communication and expertise their team demonstrated, the quality of the name ideas they shared (some really creative, out of the box thinking), and their commitment to our success. We would hire them again without reservation."

Anand Biradar | Services Leader, Americas, Sagility

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