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Founded by Simona Sheinkman in 2022, a modeling and talent industry veteran, reMADE is a management agency working with models, celebrities, and influencers. The agency is disrupting the talent representation world, leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights while advocating for creativity and originality in an antiquated industry that’s known for being stuck in its ways.

reMADE engaged Catchword to create a fresh new identity for the agency, one that would communicate the founder’s dedication to innovation without intimidating colleagues and partners used to the status quo.

In a field dominated by boring logos with blocky, black text, we felt that black with a pop of color would both feel welcoming to professionals in a conformist industry and stand out to signal the agency’s embrace of constant change and reinvention.

The design we developed emphasized the MADE part of the name, suggesting to talent that this is where your career is made (as well as phrases like “You’ve got it made” and “made good”), while creating a separate visual element for the re to express the renewal of the industry and refreshing approach of the agency. The re element is designed to be easily leveraged in marcom, where the headline almost writes itself: “Reset, Reveal, Results, Renown.” We tied the name and descriptor (Management) together with a spring green underline in a bold but soft paint style to convey the personal attention clients receive and the individual style of the agency and the talent it manages.

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reMADE Management
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