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Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, had developed a portfolio of sensing solutions to detect human proximity, or interaction with a device, for use in smartphones, tablets, and wearables. The company approached Catchword to name this portfolio and develop a naming strategy and names for the products within it.

Catchword explored a variety of creative avenues, including extending the naming convention of one of Semtech’s most successful brands, LoRa (short for Long Range), chipsets that connect sensors to the cloud. The chosen name, PerSe, references the Latin term per se (“in itself” or “intrinsically”), which is commonly used in English, as well as Person Sensing. It’s a short, two-syllable intercapped name just like LoRa, enhancing naming consistency across Semtech. That it is a real expression aids memorability, while the Latin origins increase the name’s internationality and sophistication.

In addition to selecting PerSe for the umbrella brand, Semtech adopted Catchword’s recommended strategy for naming products within the portfolio, assigning the three descriptive names Connect, Connect Pro, and Control. These terms quickly telegraph the products’ end-benefits, while allowing the PerSe portfolio brand to stand out and accrue the most equity.

Award Winner
Hermes Creative Awards, Gold, Brand Naming
MarCom Awards, Gold, Brand Naming
MUSE Creative Awards, Silver, Brand Identity



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“Smart sensors, such as the PerSe portfolio from Semtech, can differentiate between humans and inanimate objects, including handheld positions. This advanced sensing capability is essential for mobiles, wearables and 5G mmWave devices to deliver a superior user experience.”

Joe Hoffman | Director, Intelligent Edge & Sensor Technologies Research, SAR Insight

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