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Founded in 2007 with facilities in the US and Europe, Shapeways is at the forefront of digital manufacturing services and technology, most notably 3D printing. As its digital manufacturing business scaled up, Shapeways developed an end-to-end solution that virtually eliminated manufacturing barriers, automating a complex process and accelerating product development and delivery. The company tapped Catchword to create a brand name for this SaaS product.

Out of about 1,500 names developed, OTTO won our hearts. OTTO sounds like a helpful personal assistant, your digital buddy, while also recalling automatic and automated. OTTO’s symmetry suggests balance and order, its brevity streamlining and speed. And the repeated Os (designers love Os!) subtly underscore the solution’s multiple end-to-end capabilities.

Shapeways fell in love with OTTO. Meanwhile, the company merged with Galileo Acquisition Corp and went public, garnering a lot of publicity and putting OTTO in the spotlight as soon as it launched. The name was very well received by customers and industry media. Soon after, leading 3D printing equipment manufacturer Desktop Metal announced it would be partnering with Shapeways to leverage OTTO’s powerful workflows and efficiencies.

Award Winner
Hermes Creative Awards, Silver, Brand Naming
MUSE Creative Awards, Silver, Brand Identity

B2B Tech
Industrial & Energy
Brand Architecture
Product Naming

“At every step, Catchword impressed me. From their initial deep dive into our organization to the killer creative they delivered, their team exceeded expectations and validated our decision to hire them. Top-notch naming agency.”

Rhonda Giedt | Director of Marketing, Shapeways

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