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Canadian SaaS company BatchBank began ten years ago as Zymewire, also the name of its offering: a sales research assistant that helps sales professionals in the biotech and pharma service provider space understand what’s happening in their industry, enabling them to uncover new opportunities to grow their business. With the success of Zymewire, the company realized the potential of its platform for other applications and created BatchBank as a parent. But with the launch of the Zapyrus and Crofter platforms and more on the horizon, the company needed a strong umbrella brand to unify employees (who still identified with Zymewire) and more accurately imbue and reflect company culture.

The new brand would house a suite of products that broadly leverage machine learning to help companies in complex industries make informed business decisions by sifting through huge amount of unstructured information identified across the internet and present it in a highly searchable format. They turned to Catchword to create the new brand, including strategy, name, and visual identity.

Light bringers

When helping a company develop a new identity, it’s critical to drill down to the essentials, the values and benefits that won’t change as the company grows. Through conversations with the client team and our discovery research we identified the company’s core purpose as gathering intelligence on complex industries and delivering it in meaningful ways to the people who need it—in short, illumination.

After an extensive name creation exercise including the development more than 1,500 names, the client landed on Lumerate.

Derived from lume and illuminate, the name speaks to visibility and shining the light on key business insights. Paired with the recall of –erate words operate and accelerate the name suggests illuminated clarity that improves operations and accelerates growth. Association with other strong –erate verbs liberate, generate, iterate, and cooperate reinforce the company’s position as an active and invaluable software partner. In addition, the company was able to acquire the exact .com domain.

We brought the Lumerate brand to life with a distinctive and friendly logo. The icon began as a riff on the letter “L” and evolved into something much greater: three simple interlocked shapes in bright, warm colors. The fit of the three suggests collaboration and partnership. Combined, the shapes communicate several key ideas:

  • The side profile of an eye suggest vision, clarity, transparency
  • The circle quadrant evokes many concepts: 15 minutes (speed), a right angle (order), a ray of light, and more
  • The circle radius is a subtle reference to pi (3/14, the day the company was founded)

The new Lumerate brand was officially announced in 2022 and was very well received by employees and the market.


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Catchword - Brand Positioning, Company Naming, and Visual Identity Design for LUMERATE B2B Business Intelligence


VISIBLE Difference 

The idea of visible light was important to the company's history as well as its brand messaging. The aurora borealis was a particular area of exploration during naming. The Northern Lights are visible in both Iceland (where the team took an impactful and important company retreat) and Canada (where the company is based). The bright colors in the palette, especially the neon green, aqua, and pink, connect this magical natural phenomena with the brand's bright outlook.

“The range of creativity in their names and designs was also particularly noteworthy, as they took deep dives within the messaging and visual territories that resonated most with our business. We now have a brand that completely reflects who we are as a company, what we stand for, what we’re committed to, and in which our team is passionately invested."

CEO & Founder | Lumerate

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