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When leading instrumentation innovator Agilent spun off its electronic test and measurement division into a separate company, they asked Catchword to create a new name that would showcase the new company’s solution-driven approach. The name needed to be viable linguistically, as a trademark, and as an exact URL—all around the world—while being meaningful, memorable, and evocative.

The selected name, Keysight, speaks to the critical insights needed to understand the changing technology landscape and solve engineering problems associated with designing and manufacturing electronic products and systems. The name’s authoritative, no-nonsense tone suggests a company that cuts to the heart of the matter and gets the job done. Fast.

Since the spinoff in 2014, Catchword has worked with Keysight on brand strategy and naming issues large and small, including naming PathWave, its comprehensive software for design, testing, and analysis. With innumerable product lines and 2021 revenues of almost $5 billion, Keysight continues to engage Catchword for brand strategy and naming architecture work.

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“Keysight Technologies has outperformed the market over the past 5 years by 18.21% on an annualized basis producing an average annual return of 26.97%.”

Benzinga Insights | July 14, 2022

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