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For generations, Ply Gem has led the industry with its Mastic, Variform, and Performance Collection vinyl siding product lines. Looking to make waves in the composite siding space, the company developed a new type of weather-resistant material. Whereas most existing composite siding products use PVC, Ply Gem’s product is a mixture of sand and urethane, which provides countless benefits, such as being all-season/weather appropriate and super light and easy to install. The company tapped Catchword to help name this breakthrough composite siding product line.

Working closely with the client team we recommended ELEMENTS, a name that conveys the product’s ability to withstand the elements (rain, heat, snow), its composite engineering (made of several elements), and the simplicity of its installation (elementary). It also suggests that, like the elements of matter, this product can be configured in infinite ways to suit your needs.

As a single, straightforward word, ELEMENTS is a natural extension of the Ply Gem portfolio. The word is similar in many languages (elementos in Spanish), making it easy for customers of every background, including Spanish and non-native English speakers, to say, spell, and remember.

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