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The financial needs around freight transport are complex, far more complicated than most people realize. Literally tons of goods need to get from here to there, which means millions of invoices, payments, collection, and more. Founded in 2017, Axle Payments was created to enable freight brokers to work smarter and grow faster by automating their back office and facilitating the free flow of data and working capital. By helping to digitize the financial infrastructure of freight and logistics, Axle Payments was opening up the cash flow bottleneck that slows down commerce and weakens businesses.

But the company’s founders—two childhood friends passionate about how tech can transform transportation—wanted to do more. They saw beyond truck shipping finance to logistics in other areas, including aviation and rail. And when the pandemic exposed the fragility of today’s supply chains, they began to think about a universal, resilient freight payments network for moving all goods worldwide. This vision required a brand that wasn’t tied to a terrestrial vehicle metaphor. They turned to Catchword for a new name and visual ID.

Axle was built on practical tech by and for real working people, which Denim, the name Catchword developed, encapsulates perfectly. This company and its offerings are versatile and durable, your go-to, a tightly woven fabric of software and services you can trust to get the job done. It is reliable, essential, and universal—and as game-changing as the fabric that made America.

The name is graphically rich, which inspired the denim blue of the new visual identity. The logo starts with a variation on the capital D, with nested shapes that convey collaboration, support, and the ordered complexity that is logistics. The negative space at left forms an arrow, communicating forward motion—both the literal movement of goods and the progress the company enables. The wordmark is simple (all lowercase, sans serif) and stylish, just like blue jeans.

The company announced the rebrand in 2022 following the close of a $126m Series B, The positioning and brand pillars Catchword developed appear verbatim on the new site and are evident throughout the company’s marketing materials.


MUSE Creative Awards, Gold, Corporate Identity Redesign
Hermes Creative Awards, Honorable Mention, Company Branding

Denim (formerly Axle Payments)
Denim (formerly Axle Payments)
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Catchword - Brand Positioning, Company Naming, and Visual Identity Design for Denim FinTech

Weaving it all together

Denim style guide by Catchword Branding

The final step of our full brand projects is to create several brand applications and the style guide, which outlines the remaining visual identity elements, such as color palettes and typography as well as how to properly deploy the different elements of the visual identity. We compile these design guidelines with the brand positioning into an easy-to-use brand book, an invaluable reference for clients to ensure brand consistency across the company and across touchpoints.

the usual is not an option

In a field of names like Convoy, Haul Pay, and eCapital, Denim is unexpected, making it stickier and more engaging for customers and underscoring the company's no-more-business-as-usual philosophy. Denim is unique, but not at all weird. The sweet spot is easy to say and spell with a meaning that’s familiar and a metaphor that’s not. Another bonus of the unexpected metaphor? Trademark and domain acquirability—the client wanted an exact .com and got it with

“We chose Catchword over four other agencies that we’d whittled down from a list of 30. … In just three months, they delivered a brand name that made us very happy. … They are masters of their space. … Engage and take their directions and exercises seriously. They have excellent insights, so trust the process.”

Fritz Lauer | Head of Marketing, Denim

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