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AgEagle is one of the world’s leading agricultural drone technology providers. It delivers the metrics, tools, and strategies necessary to define and implement drone-enabled solutions to its customers problems. In 2020, AgEagle began acquisition of three companies with the goal of creating a full-stack offering: drone, sensors, and software. At the same time, the company wanted to move beyond agriculture into construction, energy, and government verticals. AgEagle asked Catchword to develop a new positioning to support these goals, evaluate the existing name (would the Ag part of the name suggest agriculture only?), create a new visual identity to communicate the new positioning and unify the new company after its acquisitions.

Go Beyond encapsulates the positioning Catchword developed. That drones go beyond, enable you to see beyond where you are is obvious. But AgEagle goes beyond in every way: “Our technology enables customers to go beyond the visual line of sight. Our products enable human analysts to go beyond the barrier created by distant or dangerous environments. Our integrated solutions go beyond anything offered by competitors. Our service goes beyond customer expectations.”

For the visual identity, we explored more than a dozen concepts, including evolutions of the existing design and completely new ideas. The final design recommendation lies somewhere between: a stylized eagle’s head that also evokes wings in flight. The symbol’s color is a vibrant purple, cool without being cold. The wordmark’s font suggests tech with a rugged, outdoor vibe. The brand was then brought to life with a style guide outlining the brand positioning and how to properly deploy the visual identity elements.

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keep what works

If this was a naming project, why is the company still AgEagle? After speaking with customers, analysts, and stakeholders, and showing the client more than 150 potential candidates, we determined that retaining the company name, which was well known in its sector, at a time when the company was already undergoing so many changes was the smart strategy. Sometimes the name you already have is the best, particularly if it has substantial brand equity, but you won't really know until you explore the options.

“I was most impressed by Catchword’s honesty paired with empathy. … There's no better partner than one who understands educating executives is par for the course in a big project like this—they managed my company as well as they managed the work!”

Andrea CinqMars | Director of Marketing, AgEagle

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