Testing giant PSI Services wraps 2018 with new names and messaging courtesy of Catchword

Catchword worked closely with the PSI team to develop a company tagline as well as names for three new technology solutions.



Congratulations to PSI Services, global workforce assessment and management solutions provider, on a very successful 2018, with major content acquisitions as well as rollouts of several new products. Catchword is proud to have partnered with PSI to develop names for these new solutions as well as marketing messaging for the testing giant.

PSI has been delivering assessment programs to help people achieve for more than 70 years. The company decided to enliven its marque with new messaging and brandable product names.

Catchword worked closely with the PSI team to develop a company tagline as well as names for three new technology solutions:

  • PSI True Talent: a cloud-based assessment platform, including more than 500 of the world’s top online assessments for hiring and development
  • PSI Bridge: remote proctoring technology that seamlessly connects with any test delivery system and supports every phase of assessment
  • PSI Dimensions: a comprehensive and customizable platform for test generation, delivery, and reporting

The new tagline needed to express the company’s core business while resonating with the company’s varied customers: students, job seekers, academic institutions, and employers. PSI ultimately chose two of the Catchword candidates: “Testing Excellence,” to be used as a traditional tagline with the company logo, and “Where People Meet Potential,” to be used as a marketing message.

The double meaning of “Testing Excellence” makes it clear that PSI both assesses qualifications and provides premium testing technology. “Where People Meet Potential,” which conveys both the company’s role as a place to encounter your future and its ability to help you reach your potential, is a great summary of the company and now headlines the site’s Home and About Us pages.

Catchword looks forward to further collaboration and wishes PSI all the best for 2019!


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