GoMotion goes live with a new name from Catchword


Image courtesy of SportsEngine, Inc.

GoMotion, SportsEngine’s all-in-one platform for sport studio owners and instructors, has rebranded with a new look and a new name from Catchword. Formerly called SE  Studio, GoMotion makes it easy to manage activity classes, registration, payments, website, and more.

“We are excited to announce the rebrand of SE Studio to GoMotion,” said Tom Fristoe, Vice President, New Markets, SportsEngine, Inc., in a release. “The name GoMotion connects the forward movement in sports and technology.”

SportsEngine, Inc., a division of NBC Sports Group, provides software solutions and mobile applications for 23,000 youth sports organizations and is used by millions of athletes, coaches, clubs, and parents annually. The company needed a new name for SE Studio, its suite of B2B software solution for schools that teach sports and arts such as gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, ice skating, tennis, and martial arts. The existing name’s reference to the company name was causing confusion with customers, and the word studio wasn’t a good fit for schools that teach in a classroom, rink, or gymnasium.

The new name needed to express the brand’s approachability and enthusiasm, and be instantly understood by studio owners, parents, and students.

Brian Bell, SportsEngine President, stated, “With GoMotion we’re positioned to expand the markets we serve to include really any sport or activity that can benefit from a best-in-class sport relationship management solution.”

“GoMotion helps coaches and instructors focus on their students rather than the back office,” said Catchword Executive Creative Director and co-founder Maria Cypher.  “We’re proud to have renamed such a game-changing platform—pun intended,” she added with a smile.





"We couldn't be more delighted and proud to see these names recognized by such an esteemed international competition," said Catchword principal Mark Skoultchi.
“We're thrilled that MUSE has again called out our brand naming work for creative excellence,” said Catchword principal Maria Cypher. “We couldn't be prouder of these three new product names, which have already gained great recognition in their industries.”
We worked closely with the client team to articulate the brand’s fundamental benefits: greater customer control over their finances and facilitating the freedom of car ownership.