Dunkin’ Croissant Stuffers: Tasty’s baked into the name

The name Croissant Stuffers immediately lets you know you're in for some hot, savory goodness that will fill your belly.



Catchword is delighted to report that Dunkin’ has launched its new (and incredibly yummy)  hot sandwich: Croissant Stuffers!

Dunkin’ engaged Catchword last year to develop names for a few new products. The first was a flaky croissant with savory favorites like bacon and cheese baked right inside. We know folks on the go don’t have time to guess what a menu item is, especially while rushing to work or school or looking for a satisfying snack. The name Croissant Stuffers immediately lets you know you’re in for some hot, savory goodness that will fill your belly.

According to Dunkin’ fans, the portable breakfast is now available in Florida, which Dunkin’ South Florida confirmed on Twitter. Lucky Floridians can choose from Three Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, or Chicken, Bacon & Cheese.

Croissant Stuffers may be our cheesiest naming project yet! Can’t wait till they make it to the Bay Area. Yum!


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"We couldn't be more delighted and proud to see these names recognized by such an esteemed international competition," said Catchword principal Mark Skoultchi.
“We're thrilled that MUSE has again called out our brand naming work for creative excellence,” said Catchword principal Maria Cypher. “We couldn't be prouder of these three new product names, which have already gained great recognition in their industries.”
We worked closely with the client team to articulate the brand’s fundamental benefits: greater customer control over their finances and facilitating the freedom of car ownership.