Catchword-named Storyscape, narrative game from FoxNext, launches in US

Catchword recommended the name Storyscape for its clear expression of the expansive, immersive nature of each adventure.



Storyscape, the high-end interactive narrative video game series from Fogbank Entertainment-FoxNext, has launched in the US. Catchword developed the name for the game last year as well as titles for two of the rollout shows: Eternal City and Life 2.0. An additional Catchword-named title, Edge of Extinction, will release later this month.

Catchword recommended the name Storyscape for its clear expression of the expansive, immersive nature of each adventure. Eternal City evokes the ancient, mystic metropolis of power-hungry factions, magic, and secrets of the first show. In Life 2.0 you chuck it all and start over in a new town, with new lovers and a new outlook. And Edge of Extinction conveys the desperate journey of the planet’s few surviving humans to find salvation after an apocalyptic plague.

Players already love Storyscape, with more than a million episodes played during the limited beta release last spring, as well as rave reviews in the short time it’s been available in the US:

“This game is seriously unlike any other.”
“The artwork is beautiful and the stories intriguing.”
“I love the stories, they’re well written, the visual design is unique…. I just want to keep going.”

The Catchword team couldn’t be more pleased to see the game on Play Store and App Store. “It’s a game-changing game, so we are delighted but not surprised by the success of the US rollout,” said Catchword principal Maria Cypher. “Working in such rich worlds has been a treat creatively—waiting to play all the shows may actually be the most difficult part of the project!”

Fogbank Entertainment, a wholly-owned FoxNext Games studio, was formed by veteran game makers, cinematographers, artists, and renowned writers to craft games that would reinvent the category. Storyscape immerses players in fresh stories that extend popular Fox properties such as Titanic and The X-Files or in rich new worlds of fantasy, scifi, horror, period romance, and more. Developed by award-winning writers from television, film, graphic novels, and gaming, the shows range in genre and style, but have one thing in common: every choice you make transforms your story.

Fogbank has announced that new seasons and titles will drop often. Catchword can confirm that we are working with the studio to name more exciting shows (but we are sworn to secrecy on the details).

See what it’s all about in the trailer, or download the app.






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