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Aloha! Here’s your quick PopNamer digest. (For the uninitiated, PopNamer is where we ask you to dub the un-named whatchamacallits of the world, or offer alternatives when an existing name underperforms.)


In our current game, we ask you to give a name to the giant mound of emails that accumulates while we are away on vacation. This game has fielded a lot of great entries so far and only your votes can decide which name will be crowned the greatest! So the task is yours, PopNamers. What will we call this Bahama Buzz-Buster?

Here are a few of the current frontrunners:

  • Holiday Innbox, from Snoop Lioness
  • e-tritus, from rrendleman
  • e.e. (cummings) mail, from Kate Giblet

Have an idea for our next contest? Drop us a line: [email protected]


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