Workable Weeks: How to Get All the Hard Stuff Done


I just learned about a phenomenon called Meatless Monday, a non-profit campaign intended to “help you reduce your meat consumption by 15% in order to improve your personal health and the health of the planet.” The movement actually hearkens back to voluntary meatless days during the World Wars, designed to help ration key staples. The current impetus is to reduce health risks and carbon footprints, but meatless days are also easier on the pocketbook.

What a great idea. I can do anything once a week! In fact, I hearby propose Workable Weeks, comprised of a different hard-to-do-all-the-time initiative each day. In addition to Meatless Monday, let us name these:

Tidy Tuesday — Straighten up that house, darlin’. Clothes and books off the treadmill! Prepare for launch of Scrubbing Bubbles!

Workout Wednesday — Work it, baby! Hustle, hustle! Use it or lose it, folks. Drop and give me 30!

Thirsty Thursday — It’s time to really and truly drink those eight glasses of water. Pen a running tally on your arm if you must. And don’t stray too far from the bathroom.

Frugal Friday — Pack your own lunch today, and don’t forget to fill up your thermal coffee mug at home. Park in the cheaper lot, and walk a little further to work. Take your average daily expense figure and cut it in half.

Sugarless Saturday — Consume what you like, except for, you know, all the good stuff. You may wish to warn loved ones in advance.

Slothful Sunday — Sounds delightful, but it’s all about what you’re not allowed to do: no checking email! Hey, hey, I said back away from the to-do list! Don’t make me confiscate your smartphone. Today you need to relax and decompress, as painful as that may be.

Wow, what a week of work and restraint! I’m so proud of you!

For my part, I’m gonna just start with Meatless Monday.


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