SyFy: Awful Name, Awesome Ad Campaign


As we here at Catchword have pointed out numerous times (here, here, here, and here) we can’t stand the new SyFy brand name. However, we are willing to give credit where credit is due.

The SyFy name officially belly-flopped onto the scene yesterday. While I was watching Highlander: The Source, I was surprised by the quality of the network promos advertising the new brand (see the first video below). The visual design and the promo commercials are quite well done. Maybe not superb enough for me to overlook Siphy (aka SyFy), but nicely done nonetheless.

Then, as I turned on my DVR and started to watch the premiere of the new show Warehouse 13 in hi-def, I witnessed the three minute SyFy commercial called House of Imagination (see the second video below). WOW. Now, that’s the way to roll out a brand. Too bad that brand name sucks. But, as branding roll outs go, this is phenomenal. I love love love this new visual design and the accompanying ad campaign. Bravo! (oh wait, that’s a different network completely…)


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