SuperGeek: Is That Guy in IT Secretly a Superhero?


Recently on Twitter, someone started a meme called #TechieHeroes. They were calling for people to make up a fictional character with geeky superpowers. I think my cousin has techie superpowers and he’s real – but that’s beside the point. Some of the #TechieHeroes tweets were pretty clever and more than a few made me laugh. Here are some of my faves (in alphabetical order since I couldn’t bear to rank them):

Battlestar-dot-star Galactica
Dirk Dongle
Johnny Daemon
Magnum IT
Mighty Mouse
Poseidon, Lord of the C++
SQL Squirrel
Tarzan of the Aps
The Flash-Drive
The ReBooter & His Trusty Sidekick Unplugger
The Rockford Fileserver
The Wizard of OS
Windows XP-Men


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