Spotted Dick anyone?


Need I say more?

Ok, maybe just a few quick remarks since I rarely blog. And perhaps now my brand name development colleagues, my naming specialist friends, also in the business of naming products and services and developing taglines for companies, will cut me some slack.

Spotted Dick. Mmmm. Spotted Dick. Can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a healthy portion of that tasty English treat. So spongy, so moist, so….dappled. It’s gotta be 10, 12 years now. Way too long. Way, way too long.

Man, I love my Brit friends, but Mama Pajama, don’t you know what “Dick” means?? Yeah, yeah, I know it means a lot of things, and of course it’s short for “Richard”. In fact, Laura, our Client Manager and Catchword’s newest word surgeon, connected me with some alternative meanings. It can refer to a riding whip, an apron, an abbreviation for dictionary, a policeman, and probably a few other things not connected to testicles. But still. It’s a penis. And in this case, a freckled penis. And, despite a wonderfully rich English history, probably not an appropriate name for a food product. Interestingly, I don’t think it’s the word “Dick” that I find most offensive. It’s the totality of the name – the qualifier, “Spotted” – that evokes the undeniable, vividly clear image of a, well, you know: A FRECKLED PENIS! I read that the recipe, like most recipes, has evolved over the years, since the 19th Century when the pudding was conceived. Suggestion: let it continue to evolve. Please. If it were my kitchen, I’d start by removing the raisins or currants, the ingredients that give it it’s “spots”. Then I’d change the pudding to something like, well, I don’t know, maybe I wouldn’t change the pudding. But I’d call it “PUDDING”, and leave it at that. Heinz Microwavable Sponge Pudding. Mmm…pudding. Now that sounds appetizing.


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