So Long Ofoto


Ofoto is one of the best names in the online photo sharing industry. There are several good competitive names, but Ofoto set the standard. Saying you used Ofoto to share your photos was like saying you use Google to search the web, Kleenex to blow your nose, or a Band-aid to cover a scratch.

But, years after Kodak purchased Ofoto, they’ve finally decided to do away with the Ofoto name, replacing it with far inferior Kodak EasyShare Gallery. While I understand that Kodak has supplanted the better name with their own in an effort to reinforce their brand name in the digital photography world, I still think it’s a waste of a good name.

Kodak EasyShare Gallery just doesn’t roll off the tongue. And EasyShare isn’t particularly unique enough by itself to replace Ofoto. Whatsmore, I really don’t see anyone saying, “Hey, check out my Kodak gallery.” In general, I think Kodak has made a bad move here. They may derive some small benefit from being associated with the digital photography trend, but the lack of a good branded name will surely hurt their word-of-mouth brand awareness.

I know I much prefer saying Shutterfly or Snapfish. Well see if that means I’ll actually become a convert.


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