Rename the Hyperloop: A Name Game


CEO of Tesla Motors,  Elon Musk, is all over the news these days—and for good reason, because he’s transforming transportation. If he isn’t creating automobiles of aching beauty or trying to send people to other planets, he’s conceptualizing a “fifth mode of transport,” the Hyperloop.

This reinvention of high-speed travel would get passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a mere 35 minutes (yeah, that’s a distance of 350 miles). Riders, ensconced in small pods, would zoom through vacuum-like tubes on an air-bearing suspension system at oh…the speed of sound. Not only is the scheme speedy, it’s also designed to be economical, with the budget estimated at $6 billion, only 10% of the proposed cost of the high-speed rail system between the two cities.

Having announced the high-level plan and initial design, Musk seeks to implement the project through open source input. So, all you wayfaring whizzes, get your gears in motion because this is your chance to improve how we move. And to the rest of you, let’s see if you can come up with a name other than Hyperloop because while it sounds cool, it offers little clue as to what it refers to.

Here’s what a few of our visitors have come up with:

  • ElonGator
  • NooToob
  • PodPiper
  • Vroooomba
  • Pipe Dream
  • Hyperbole
  • Class Transit

Visit to vote for your faves or add some of your own.


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