Rename “Wearable Tech”: A Name Game


The smartphone is so passé, some say. See also tablets. But that doesn’t mean mobile devices are on the decline. Quite the contrary actually because the tech industry is hoping you want to get up, close and personal with your device(s). And yes, as many of those devices as possible because they want you to grin and wear it.

You may have heard that the “wearable tech” category is exploding. And those gadgets come in a dazzling array of forms: smartwatches, fitness monitors, eyewear, shoes, and headsets. Currently, the smartwatch has the spotlight, with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Apple’s rumored iWatch, the Kickstart-ed Pebble, and even Nissan revving up with its Nismo watch. But soon, the eyes may have it with the public interest (and privacy concerns) over Google Glass, GlassUp, and Meta “space glasses.” Don’t forget the fervor over fitness tracking with the Fitbit Flex, Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP, to count a few.

So what unifies these diverse devices? Well, they usually serve more than one function and are always connected. In addition to being “smart,” they’re also “aware” and sync up with your smartphone or tablet, which you can now use as a hub to receive, process, and interpret all the data about your activities. These insights might even prompt you to make behavioral changes for the better.

However, the current names for the category—“wearable tech,” “wearables,” and “quantified-self devices”—are clunky. What would you rename the category so that it’s catchy and still easy to understand?

Here’s what some of our visitors came up with:

  • Skinetics
  • Everywear
  • Softwear
  • Technodes
  • Onmi
  • AlwaysOn
  • NearGear

Let’s see what you have for us to try on. Visit to vote for your faves or design some of your own.


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