Time for a Name Change?—A PopNamer.com Name Game


You might have heard that Time Warner is spinning off its magazine business, Time Inc. It’s saying farewell to People, Sports Illustrated and InStyle, and other purveyors of the printed word. The media conglomerate plans to concentrate on its TV and film businesses, e.g. Warner Bros., HBO, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, etc. It looks like moving pictures is where it’s at for this media colossus. We’ve started a naming game on our site PopNamer.com to come up with the perfect name for the new Time Warner. You can vote on ideas for new names or if you’ve got the creative mojo, submit your own concoctions Some of the names visitors have cooked up so far:

  • • It’s Time
  • • TWX
  • • Warner Time
  • • Timeout
  • • Next Time
  • • TimeSquared

Visit PopNamer.com to vote on the best names and add your own.


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