Pop Namer: Tax Slacking


You might have heard that tax time is a’comin. And for some reason, even though taxes are as inevitable as, well, you know, and even though it’s been the same date—April 15—since 1955, nearly a third of filers wait until the last two weeks to do the deed.

What’s up. Procrastination Nation?


A few years ago, we asked our favorite amateur nomenclators (folks who invent names for things) to devise a name for America’s second-favorite spring pastime via Catchword’s online name game: PopNamer.com.

Here are the top 10 from the contest:

 Protaxination

 Tax Evasion

 F11H (Filing at the 11th Hour)

 Extensions R Us

 Taxagony

 Taxhaust

 Ataxia

 File-a-phobia

 Tax & Slack

 Tax Write-off

Feel free to try your hand in the comments!
(But don’t forget to get those 1040s done.)


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