Of Puns and Pet Poop: The Lighter Side of Company Naming


Some brand names are forgotten as soon as they’re heard. Others are PR powerhouses. A friend called me the other morning because she’d heard the name of a company being talked about on the radio, and it was so memorable, she wanted to share it. The company is a “super duper pooper scooper service” and its name is Doody Calls. Ok, so not super-sophisticated. And I have some quibbles about the spelling of doody. (Doodie seems a little better somehow.) But this is one company name that not only telegraphs its mission, but does so in a way that bounces it to the front of the pack. It also meets my first commandment for a punny brand name: the pun works across both meanings. Plus it strikes the right tone. Because, come on: how serious do you want to be about a pet refuse removal service?


Do your favorite pet names date from 10, 100, or 1000 years ago?
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