Now You See It: Do You Like It?


It’s not easy to judge potential brand name candidates when all you have is a list of names on a piece of paper. When Catchword presents ideas to clients, we’ll typically contextualize names visually to help bring them to life. And now you can, too. if you haven’t played around with our new Name Visualizer brand tool, check it out. It’s a free way to see how your name candidates might look in six real-world marketing scenarios, from a business card to a billboard. You just type the name in, then try it out in various colors, sizes, fonts and settings.


With the rollout of over 700 new top level domain names, such as .xyz and .shop, brands have been left to wonder...
Plenty of companies use numbers in their name: Three Twins Ice Cream, Four Seasons Hotels, Six Flags, Nine West, and...
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