Name the Hands-Free Whopper Holder—A Name Game


These days we’re all about “izing”—prioritizing, maximizing, optimizing. We want to make the most of what little time we have, and we’ve all turned into skilled (or not-so-skilled) jugglers of tasks and activities.  We have too many balls in the air and not enough hands (say, for eating or blow-drying hair).

Thus, hassled multi-taskers were intrigued by the rumor of a hands-free Whopper holder. It was featured in a viral video depicting hungry humans from all walks of life—tattoo artist, massage therapist, dog walker, ballroom dancer, peeping Tom, gamer geek—chomping down while fully engrossed in what they’re doing. Alas, the video was a promo prank, and no such hands-free hamburger helpers were made by BK.

But just in case this handy contraption ever comes out, it needs a snazzier name than the clunky “Hands-Free Whopper Holder.” We asked y’all to give it a go.

So far, you’ve come up with:

  • Burger Booster
  • A Helping Hand
  • Burger Valet
  • Wherever Whopper
  • Faster Fast Food
  • Meat Mate
  • The Whopper Propper

Visit to vote for your favorites or cook up some of your own!




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