Just Doodling


New dog breeds are winning fans across America, according to a recent article in Money magazine. These au courant mixes typically are one part poodle, since this breed is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed. The results tend to be adorable, friendly, long-lived — and humorously named:

Labradoodle — Labrador retriever + Poodle
Schnoodle — Schnauzer + Poodle
Goldendoodle — Golden retriever + Poodle
Maltipoo — Maltese + Poodle

But why stop there? Surely there’s room for more genetic mix-and-matching, not to mention neologisms. We’d like to see these combos:

Cockerdoodle — Cocker spaniel + Poodle
Cockerdoodle II — Rooster + Poodle
Befoodle — Confused Beagle + Poodle
Caboodle — Cat + Poodle (resulting in large litters)
Snickerdoodle — Hyena + Poodle
Noodle — Hairless Poodle
Voodoodle — Sacrificial chicken + Poodle
Moodle — Cow + Poodle

I invite, no implore, others to share their contributions so I can stop obsessing about this.


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