Samsung is launching a new phone that some are referring to as the “anti-phone.”t This new phone will only have the ability to send and receive calls and check voicemail. It won’t come laden with confusing and fancy features like text messaging, camera, or internet. The phone will largely be targeted at consumers who just want a phone and nothing more, namely the elderly market. For this reason the new phone name Jitterbug is a great example of an evocative product name. The name is cute and friendly and hearkens back to a day when phones were just phones (specifically the 1940s, when the Jitterbug was hot on the dance floor). Samsung doesn’t create new product names very often. Out of 100+ models Samsung currently has six product names for their phones: Blackjack, Upstage, Sync, Stripe, Siren, and Black Carbon. Jitterbug makes a great addition to Samsung’s product name portfolio.


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The military uses them. Apple uses them. Pretty much any kid with a walkie-talkie uses them.