How to Use a Focus Group for Brand Names: Catchword Video


Sometimes, properly conducted focus group research can provide a useful data point when evaluating brand name candidates. On the other hand, ill-conceived research may torpedo your best ideas and lead you to a name that’s bland at best. So how do you know when a focus group is a good idea? And how do you structure it to make sure the results are useful rather than misleading? In this 6-minute video, Catchword partner and linguistics expert Laurel Sutton covers some of the basic dos and don’ts of focus group research, and discusses:

  • what sorts of information focus group research can help you unearth
  • when to use qualitative or quantitative research
  • how to structure focus group questions
  • why you shouldn’t let a focus group pick your brand name for you
  • which question you should never ask a focus group

Whether you’re thinking about using focus group research for the first time—or just want to make sure you’re using it as effectively as you can—this video is a useful overview.


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