How to Trademark a Company or Product Name: Catchword Video


As naming specialists know all too well, creating a brand name that passes creative and strategic muster is only part of the naming process. The ultimate test is whether that name can pass legal muster, and is trademarkable. Catchword principal Mark Skoultchi walks you through the basic principles—and common pitfalls—of preliminary trademark screening. You’ll learn

  • why it’s not enough to make sure the exact name under consideration isn’t trademarked by someone else
  • how to conduct preliminary trademark screening in a way that allows your brand to expand in the future
  • what sorts of names stand the best chance of being protectable

Although it’s no substitute for professional legal counsel, this 6-minute video can give you a leg up and help you to understand and even participate (initially) in your trademark screening process—before turning it over to the professionals.


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