How to Name Your WiFi Network


As branding experts, we’re always on the lookout for new naming opportunities. Technology provides plenty, from usernames to blog titles. One of the most fun recent opportunities that has come along is naming your Wifi network. It offers many creative opportunities for self-expression, both at home and at work.

The Basics of WiFi Naming
Each WiFi network has an SSID. That’s the name you see when you try to connect to a WiFi network. It’s possible to set your router so it doesn’t broadcast your SSID, making it invisible to others. But for ease of connecting, most people broadcast their SSIDs, and that name is visible to anyone in the immediate vicinity. Your neighbors can see your SSID and you can see theirs. So, since you’re making a public statement with your WiFi network, might as well make it a good one.

Passive Aggressive and Funny Naming
The Web is full of examples of funny WiFi names. Sites like collect these. Many are of the passive aggressive type: “I Wish I Had Quieter Neighbors” or “No Free WiFi For You”. This is especially effective in an apartment complex or dorm, because it’s not that easy to locate the source of a signal. It’s a way to anonymously jab at your neighbors.

Others are just humorous, like “Pretty Fly for a WiFi” or “Trapped in Router! Send Help!”. If you have multiple networks or have a friend nearby, you can do tandem naming. One network can be “This is Your LAN” and the other “This is My LAN”. But WiFi naming can do a lot more than just spread jokes and complaints.

Enhancing Family Communication
Have a teenager who sits in his room all the time and won’t talk to you? Try communicating via SSID. Change it to “Tommy, clean up your room!” or “Dinner’s ready!” Remember, each time you change the SSID, each computer or tablet or cell phone will need to reconnect to the new network. So this is a handy way to grab an online addict’s attention.

Broadcasting Affirmations and Positive Vibes
A lot of people focus their WiFi naming on the outside world. But don’t be afraid to do something special for yourself. That little icon on your desktop says, after all, “You’re connected to [SSID].” Make it something positive. Try “peace and love” or “your best day ever”. You can turn day-to-day computing tasks into expressions of a can-do attitude. Of course, you’re sharing this with your neighbors as well, so be sure not to make it too personal or revealing.

It may seem a bit cheesy, but you can try the same in a corporate environment. If you have a corporate mission statement with specific goals, you can turn them into SSIDs. You won’t want to be changing your SSID frequently, so you’ll have to pick something that can stand the test of time. Remember also that anyone visiting your office will be able to see the SSID, so make it something you’re proud to promote to outsiders as well.

Steps For Coming Up With Your WiFi Name
So how do you come up with the perfect name for your WiFi network? You can always browse online for suggestions, but we recommend a standard naming process. Start by brainstorming name candidates. Write down anything that comes to mind. Even if you come up with a name you are sure you won’t use, write it down. It may be the spark that leads to the the creation of the perfect name. Get as many people as you can to help create the master list.

Once you have that master list, cut it down to 10-20 names for a short list. Go through that short list carefully, judging the pros and cons for each name. Pretty soon, you’ll narrow down that list to a few great candidates from which you can select the perfect name.

Of course, if you like to keep a low profile, you can leave your WiFi network something descriptive like “HomeNetwork.” But it would be a shame to miss this opportunity for self-expression. After all, isn’t that the best technology can offer?


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