Gucci By Gucci: They Just Love Saying Their Name!


Thumbing through my wife’s InStyle the other day (I’ve confessed my metrosexual tendencies in previous blogs, so hush) I noticed an advertisement for Gucci’s new fragrance for men: Gucci. At first I wasn’t sure who made the product because the name is so non-distinctive, but then I saw the endorsement: BY GUCCI. Gucci By Gucci. By Gucci By Gucci By Gucci. Honestly, it was so prominent an endorsement it was practically part of the brand name, and I felt silly not seeing it at first. Ahhhh, I thought. So Gucci’s making Gucci now? Very smart. And thanks for that illuminating endorsement. It’s a good thing. Would hate for someone to be confused and think Dior was making Gucci. Or Calvin Klein – he’s a pretty shifty guy. And I certainly wouldn’t put it past Paco Rabanne to co-opt the Gucci name – his brand just ooooozes sliminess, am I right?

Um, totally unnecessary endorsement. We all know who makes Gucci. Gucci For Men would’ve sufficed.


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