Full-Frontal Branding: The Daring Exploits of Naked Pizza


I love running across great brand names, and this week it was Naked Pizza. Here’s a name that not only sparks my interest, but starts a conversation about what makes this brand different. (10 whole grains and other natural stuff, no additives or chemicals.) The name also makes healthy food sound like fun: no small feat in the health food space, where so many company names come off like dreary mission statements. And by daring to be truly different, Naked Pizza stands out from its pizza competitors as starkly as a nudist at an Eskimo convention. So it’s no surprise that this modest (size-wise) franchise chain has attracted some serious media attention, even though it relies primarily on social media for marketing. Naked Pizza’s founder would like to see his pizza franchises launch a revolution in fast-food eating. How perfect, then, that the brand can be extended to rallying cries like Get Naked and LivNaked (the name of the company’s blog). That’s just, well, the pepperoni on the pizza.


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