Didja Know? Kids Love Leapfrog


Catchword had tons of fun creating Leapfrog’s recent product names. It just might be possible, however, that we had even more fun giving the Leapfrog educational gaming toys as gifts this holiday season.

I gave Leapfrog gifts to three youngsters in my life. My niece had asked for a PSP or Nintendo DS for Christmas. Instead Santa (aka Uncle Aaron) bought her a Leapfrog Didj. My niece is seven, so she’s in the target age range for the Didj. Just look at how excited she was when she opened the present from Santa:

She was immediately engrossed. And later that evening she asked me to play along with her. I was surprised that she asked me to do the gaming part (driving the car around the track), while she took care of the math and spelling challenges in between levels. Clearly the educational challenge was as much fun for my niece as was the gaming aspect.

I also bought Tag for my partner’s three-year-old niece and his housemate’s two-year-old daughter. Both girls love their Tags. I witnessed them touching the Tag to words and to various characters to hear the extra content embedded throughout the books. Although they were both on the young side for Tag, they’re both very verbal and already recognizing words. So, the Tag was the perfect gift.

Our Creative Director Maria also bought her three girls a Didj and a Tag. Once again, the Leapfrog products were a huge hit. We’ve been advocates of Leapfrog’s products ever since we started working with the company. But, seeing how excited kids get playing with these learning systems really emphasized for us that Leapfrog is an expert when it comes to what kids like.

Oh, and our Linguistic Guru Laurel has a nine-year-old daughter who still loves her Leapster. She never puts it down. You can almost sense the knowledge sinking into her brain through her fingertips.


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