Creativity Beyond Words


Catchword values creativity. In fact, we often talk about new and interesting ways to enhance our abilities and sharpen our creative skills. Individually we each have our own methods for keeping our imaginations alive and vibrant. (Personally, mine involves reading lots of science comics, fiction, and fantasy novels.)

And every so often we’ll also do a group creativity exercise that expands our creative thinking. A few weeks ago we did just that – our wonderful teammate Leena Mehta organized a half-day glass fusing workshop at Snapshot Mosaics.

The goal for the workshop was twofold: 1) To create art outside the realm of words and names, and 2) to enjoy spending creative time with each other as a Catchword team. Both goals achieved, 110%!

Just another way Catchword strives to constantly provide the very best creative naming in the business.


Do your favorite pet names date from 10, 100, or 1000 years ago?
Who could resist the opportunity to weigh in on a new pasta shape name?