Crazy8 Field Trip


On Thursday The Catchword team got a chance to go see an example of our corporate branding services in action. We piled into our Creative Director’s soccer-mom-mobile and headed to the Southland Mall in lovely Hayward, California.

Once there, we quickly found our way to the newly opened Crazy8 store. Crazy8 is a new kids clothing store from parent company Gymboree. Imagine Gymboree, but with slightly lower prices and more fashionable clothes. Then you’ll have a pretty good picture of Crazy8. Catchword enjoyed working with Gymboree to come up with the brand name Crazy8, and we had even more fun visiting the retail store. It’s always fun to see one of our unique company names emblazoned on a store front.

After chatting up the employees, purchasing stylish Crazy8 clothes for the kids in our lives, and getting a picture in front of the store, we headed back to the office to create new product and company names


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