Color Animal Company: “Name My Design Company” Machine


Naming company names tend to be very word-oriented, as you might expect (Catchword, Lexicon, Metaphor, just to name a few – name, get it? Get it?). But graphic designers firms often have crazy, inventive, and puzzling names – and that works in an industry where in-your-face creativity and originality is the price of admission. We named Akimbo, a design firm based here in the Bay Area, and they loved the unexpected sound and flavor of the word (and hey, it started with “A” – never a bad thing to be at the top of alphabetical lists).

Just today I found a delightful app, the Breadline Design Company Naming Machine (Update, 🙁 no longer accessible on the internet), which will help you create your very own design company name! Sam at Breadline Design made it, and he says

Inspired by the ludicrous number of design studios using coloured animals as company names I’ve created the incredible fantabulous breadline design company naming machine. Follow the link and cast aside your tired and boring corporate name of yesteryear, embracing quirky naming wonderfullness! Huzzah!


My favorites*:

Friendly Dog Labs
Chestnut Pencil Solutions
Red Carrot Media
Crazy Ant Design

It’s funny cos it’s true.

*The word “evil” appeared in the first column, but I couldn’t get the app to build a name with it. Evil Carrot? Evil Ant? Evil Pencil?


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