C’elle launches!


Hey everyone:

In case you didn’t see it, C’elle has LAUNCHED. For those of you not on the cutting edge of science, C’elle is a way for women to preserve vital stem cells through their menstrual blood. It’s an absolutely fascinating (and potentially life saving) product that Catchword recently named, and we’re completely stoked that it’s hitting the market. Though the website isn’t 100% functional yet, there’s enough there to educate you on the product, the service, the pricing, etc.

So why the service name C’elle? Well, a few reasons. For starters, if you look really really closely (ok, you don’t have to look that hard), you’ll see the word CELL. Ah! Cell! As in stem cells. Nice. Of course you don’t have to squint to see ELLE, implying a product for women. Also nice, very appropriate, and strikes the right tone. Lastly, you may get CIEL, the French word for “sky”. And no one ever seems to tire of the wonderful associations with the blue above us: endless possibilities, beauty, wonder, timelessness, etc. You may be thinking, well, I wouldn’t likely pronounce it CIEL, I’d probably just say CELL. Well think again. Our friends at Cryo-Cell (the company who developed and is marketing the service) smartly included a video that launches when you reach the C’elle website. Voice-over makes abundantly clear what the preferred pronunciation is.

This one was immediately and universally favored by our client’s brand team. It was also one of our favorites.

Check it out!


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