Catchword’s Naming Manual – Part 10 of 10


Here’s the last excerpt from our handy dandy naming manual – it’s like a car manual, only about naming! If you like what you see, please download a copy of your very own, or write to us and we’ll mail you a paper copy (it has a glossy cover!)

Good brand names are built to last. If you’ve created a relevant, distinctive name, it should require minimal care over the years. Occasionally creating a new slogan, or refreshing the identity will help to keep your vehicle looking and driving its best. Unless your name goes flat or begins to lose traction, you shouldn’t need to change it.

There are various marketing devices you can purchase in order to optimize your name’s performance, including:

  • Taglines
  • Descriptors
  • Brand identities
  • Linguistic/cultural research
  • Name validation research

To learn more about optional hardware contact a Catchword office in your neighborhood. One of our name technicians will be happy to explain the different types of hardware available for your name model and send you a price list.

Thanks, and happy driving!


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