We did it again! Catchword ranked #1 naming agency for third consecutive year

By Erin Milnes

June 13, 2019

Hat trick. Three-peat. Tic Tac Toe. Whatever you call it, Catchword is proud to bursting to announce that for the third consecutive year Clutch—the leading provider of ratings and reviews for creative agencies—has ranked Catchword #1 naming company in the world.

“The caliber of Catchword’s clients, paired with its consistent high marks for all elements of naming and superior client relationships, have kept the company in the top 3 for naming companies from the start,” said Clutch Business Analyst Jenna Seter earlier this year.

Clutch evaluates service providers via questionnaires and in-depth phone interviews with clients, then analyzes market presence and overall experience. Based on “industry leadership, creative and marketing expertise, and client feedback,” Clutch selected Catchword once again as a top agency for its 2019 report.

“The whole team is thrilled to take the top position for a third year,” said Catchword principal Mark Skoultchi. “And we are deeply grateful to our clients for taking the time to share with Clutch such thorough, favorable feedback about our work.”

With 42 reviews from well-known brands such as Corning, BlackBerry, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Plantronics, Catchword averaged a perfect 5 stars across the four categories: Quality, Schedule, Cost, and Willingness to Refer. These consistent high marks, together with the company’s significant market presence, maintained Catchword’s lead in the burgeoning field of 1,366 agencies that provide naming services. (By comparison, last year 615 agencies were listed in the naming category.)

“When we founded Catchword 21 years ago, we were the new kid on a fairly empty block,” co-founder Maria Cypher explained. “Now Catchword is a seasoned veteran, but naming has become a very crowded space, so it’s even more satisfying to see our small agency continue to lead the industry.”

Heartfelt thanks to our clients and partners from the Catchword team!

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