This Just In: Naming Is Still Hard

By Laurel Sutton

June 15, 2010

There have been a number of Dilbert strips that deal with naming; seems like Scott Adams does about one a year. And you know what? It’s still funny, and it’s still true!

This is the crux of naming: finding names that are both appropriate and available. Lots and lots of names are appropriate but completely unavailable; many “names” are available but utterly inappropriate, as Dilbert points out above. Go with the former strategy, and you’re likely to get sued. Go with the latter, and you end up with a company name like Nemesis Motors (actual example).

After nearly 15 years in the naming biz, I can safely say that I do not want to see these name suggestions in technology ever again. They are not available, will not be available, and they’re taking up valuable 0s and 1s on my hard drive. That’s your free advice for today.


Additions to this list are welcome!

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