Guessing Game: Dystopian Corporate Logos

By Mark Skoultchi

February 20, 2009

Imagine a world after this recession/depression where the stimulus doesn’t work. In that world, democracy fails, big money prevails, and the world is ruled by evil corporations. If you can’t imagine that world, your work has been cut out for you. Several sci-fi movies and video games have already delved into that dark world.

In this dystopian world, what would the evil overlord corporations be named? And what would their logos look like? Here’s a little test of your sci-fi and gaming knowledge:

Can you name the dystopian corporate logs and what movies or video games they come from?

Answers after the jump…

1. Umbrella Corporation – Resident Evil
2. We didn’t know this one. Help us out and leave your guess in the comments below!!
3. Black Mesa – Half Life
4. TriOptimum – System Shock
5. Cyberdine – Terminator series
6. Omni Consumer Products – Robocop
7. Weyland-Yutani – Alien series
8. Tyrell – Blade Runner

Many thanks to our friend Ginger for the idea. And to the originals here and here

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