MUSE Creative Awards honors Catchword with gold for URSA: Music Extreaming

By Catchword

October 9, 2020

In its first entry to the Muse Creative Awards, Catchword has taken gold for URSA: Music Extreaming in the Corporate Identity category.

URSA is the first music streaming platform to be developed by veteran music professionals. Their mission to place artists at the center of the streaming experience gives listeners an opportunity to go deeper with the music and artists they love while they are listening. Catchword worked closely with the founders to develop an engaging, memorable name and tagline for the company and its platform that appeals to both artists and fans.

“We are thrilled to receive a gold MUSE,” said Catchword principal Mark Skoultchi. “The Catchword team are musicians and music lovers, so helping URSA brand its service that focuses on artists was especially rewarding.”

The 2020 MUSE award is the second gold for Catchword’s work on URSA, which already captured the high honor from the MarCom Awards. (Details about the name and the project in that post.)

The MUSE Creative Awards is a worldwide competition for professionals pushing the boundaries of excellence in their industry. Judged by a panel of 50+ seasoned creatives from the US and 21 other countries, and under the administration of the International Awards Associate (IAA), the awards honor work that exemplifies the qualities of a Muse.

With more than 4,600 submissions from 57 countries, and despite the extraordinary challenges of the pandemic, the 2020 awards saw groundbreaking work across categories. “It is our privilege, as always, to honor these remarkable individuals,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of the competition. “They have more than earned their achievements.”


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