Clutch names Catchword #1 marketing/advertising agency in New York and San Francisco

By Erin Milnes

March 1, 2019

Clutch, the leading provider of ratings and reviews for B2B agencies, just released its annual list of the best advertising and marketing agencies for New York and for the San Francisco Bay Area. We are very proud to announce Catchword was ranked #1 on both!

To our dear readers, this may sound like more of the same — after all, just a few months ago Catchword announced that it was ranked #1 naming agency worldwide by Clutch for the second year in a row — but this time the competitive field includes all marketing and advertising agencies.

Or it may seem like a head-scratcher — Catchword is a naming agency, not a traditional advertising or marketing agency — however, Clutch groups Naming, Advertising, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Branding, PR, and many other specialties in the category Advertising and Marketing and ranks the entire group as a unit in its city lists.

Any way you slice it, it means that Clutch and our wonderful clients have given Catchword perfect marks, placing our agency at the top in both our beloved homes.

Exactly how did we get here? Clutch evaluates hundreds of agencies internationally through questionnaires and in-depth phone interviews with vetted clients, along with an analysis of market presence and overall experience. The agencies in each location are then ranked in their specialty as well as under the umbrella category of Advertising and Marketing, and the leaders are selected for inclusion in the annual list.

The competition is fierce, with 78 advertising/marketing agencies listed as leaders in San Francisco and 121 in New York. And as Clutch said in its media release, all the companies listed “excel in their respective fields by providing outstanding customer service, industry expertise, and results.”

All of us at Catchword are deeply grateful to our clients for taking the time to share their feedback with Clutch. We couldn’t be more proud.




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