ANS schedule


As I so modestly pointed out in the newsletter, I am presenting a paper at the meeting of the American Names Society in January (held in conjunction with the formidable Linguistic Society of America). The schedule of events is up and you can see it here. The first day’s events (Jan 6) include the following:

Queer Names of Stage, Screen, and Fiction
Chair: Ronald R. Butters (Duke U)
Ronald R. Butters (Duke U) – Fay Etrange of Kuntzville: Names in queer novels before Stonewall
Phillip Carter (NC SU) – The social meaning of drag queen names
Rebecca Childs (U GA) – Drag kings: Creating a name in a more socially conscious performance space
Arnold Zwicky (Stanford U) – How to name a porn star

(My paper is on Saturday morning. It’s titled “Cheddar is from Cheddar, except when it is not: Renaming geographical indicators”.)

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.


Who could resist the opportunity to weigh in on a new pasta shape name?
They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Is Rabobank a naming felony or just fun to say?