And the Oscar Goes to Brokeback Montaigne: Twittermeme #PhilosophyMovies:


Since my last blog about the hashtag #TechieHeroes was pretty well received, I’ve decided to share another one with you all. This one is called #PhilosophyMovies and it calls for tweeters to come up with movie titles inspired by philosophy. It never ceases to amaze me how clever and creative people are out there. Twitter seems to be a great creative outlet for some. Whatever it is, I hope they keep on sharing.

Here are some of my favorites (in alphabetical order since they are all pretty great):

Bend It Like Bentham
Beverly Hills Copernicus
Close Encounters of the Third Quine
Dazed and Confucius
Dude, Where’s My Descartes?
Indiana Jones & The Hempel of Doom
Jung Guns
Kierkegaarden Cop
Little Schopenhauer of Horrors
Mad Marx
P.S., I Love Utilitarianism
Rimbaud: First Blood
Sartreday Night Fever
Schiller’s List
Sophist’s Choice
The Fast and The Freudian
The Godel-Father
White Men Kant Jump

Got one of your own? Add it in a comment and we’ll tweet it!


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