Alliteration: Artistic and Appealing


We’re often asked how we create our names.  Our answer is that naming is both an art and a science – the art of poetry and the science of linguistics.  One of the many techniques we use is alliterationAlliteration is a style of poetry based upon the rhythmic repetition of sounds instead of rhyme.  If you’ve ever (willingly or unwillingly) studied the Old English poem Beowulf, you’ve seen alliteration in action.  It’s a characteristic feature of our language to this day, found in such phrases as bread and butter, kith and kin, might and main, and sugar and spice. A few of the many commercial examples of the uses of alliteration include Dreyer’s Dreamery ice cream (a Catchword name), PayPal, Coca Cola, and the all too famous Spongebob Squarepants.  To learn more than you ever wanted to know about our techniques, visit Catchword’s comprehensive Naming Glossary.


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