A Tooth Dodges!: Your Weekly Word Salad


I get a lot of spam at my Catchword email addy, most of which Google thankfully deletes for me. Occasionally, though, something sneaks past the spam filter and I end up squinting at it, trying to figure out if it’s a real inquiry or not. Today, I got email advising me that I could get a loan really easily: “You’ve already been preapproved, so get your cash now!”

Thanks, not needed. But what was interesting to me was the full page worth of gobblydegook at the bottom of the email, clearly inserted to try to fool the spam filter (and it worked! Good going, spammers!). I must admit to having a fondness for this type of nonsense, as it reads like a short story by Dali. It’s kind of like real language, in that the sentences are formed correctly, but the words make no sense (like Chomsky’s famous example sentence, “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.”) It’s also very similar to what happens when you run Japanese through Google’s translation service. It’s beautiful, in an alien way, and really shows you how arbitrary language can be.

So, for your mind-expanding pleasure, here’s the first installment of Weekly Word Salad. Could there be a hidden message within?

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